Rearrangement Fee


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This fee┬ácovers taking a piece of design work that we’ve previously created (or are currently creating) for you and generating a new item up to 4pp (4 printed pages).

For example creating a Facebook cover page from your existing flyer, or creating a flyer from your brochure.

What it doesn’t cover, is upgrading design items from our price scale. For example, if we’ve designed a business card for you, creating a leaflet from it would not be covered by a rearrangement fee; you’d need to pay the extra cost. Provided you order within 60 days of the previous order we will always discount any additional fees you would have paid; please contact us for a custom invoice or discount code if you decide to order additional items that you hadn’t previously planned to.

Average return time for a rearrangement: for instruction received before 12pm same-day, for instruction received after 12pm, the following morning.


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