SEO Services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

If you’d like us to provide you with SEO for your
site, either as a full service or to give you the tools
you need to promote yourself, read on!

Please note we provide a 20% discount for local businesses within the EH postcode. If you wish to purchase online, please use code SOCIAL-EH at Checkout.

1) Have we designed your website?


If we’ve designed your website then the good news is, your site is already optimised for search engines. If you want to develop and expand your site, we offer several fixed-price services to assist you with SEO and social media rankings. Click on the box below, item (2) – SEO and social media rankings to progress.

If we haven’t designed your website then all is not lost. The first thing we need to do is conduct a Website Review to look at your existing website and evaluate what can be done. If you’re ready to get started please click here to order your Website Review.

If you’d like to read more about what SEO entails, please read our info post here.

If you are committed to having SkyBlue optimise your search engine and social media rankings, then please click on item (2) – SEO and social media rankings – to read more.

2) SEO and social media rankings

There are multiple factors to getting your website working the way you want it to, and SEO is only part of the picture. If you need to know more about what SEO means and entails, read our info post.

Assuming you understand the concept of SEO, there are a few more concepts to understand.

  • SEO alone will help your site perform in search engine listings. However to get the best from your site, there are a few other considerations.
  • Once your site is on the web, much like junk email, there are lots of sites, bots and malicious pieces of code that will attempt to legitimise themselves by attaching themselves to your site. They will add your site name to their outward links without your permission, attempt to submit spam content through your site, and attempt to link to your site to generate traffic back to theirs. Blocking this kind of malicious code not only prevents your site being blacklisted due to circumstances without your control, but allows your Google Analytics results to be meaningful and not cluttered with fake data.
  • Google Analytics is essential to monitor the progress of your SEO and social media rankings work. Both setup of a Google Analytics account, and eradication of ghost spam, spamdexing, bad referrers and junkposting are part of our SEO setup.
  • Its also advisable to have one or more of the following set up:
    • Video shown on your site, ideally hosted via Youtube. This must not be copied content. We can provide instant, unique and original video from 3D photography for your products; see our 3D photography section for more.
    • A Facebook page, linked to and from your site.
    • A Twitter account, linked to and from your site.
    • A Google Maps listing, linked to and from your site.
    • A Google Plus listing, linked to and from your site.
    • One or more of Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc dependent on your requirements.

We offer several packages and add-ons, so that you can handle the bits you feel comfortable doing, and turn to us for the bits you don’t.

3) Our SEO Module for Websites

Our SEO module forms 3 parts.

Firstly your one-off setup, which is £350.

This includes setup and full training for you. We perform Google Analytics and webmaster setup, eradication of junk links, additional hidden configuration to ensure that you receive no bad referrers, or distorted data in your results. Our in-line SEO system provides real-time feedback for every page as you write it, detailing the steps you need to take to improve it for search engines. All your pages are listed and marked with compliance checkboxes so you can see at-a-glance where you need to improve. Using our system, you can bring yourself to the first page of Google for any desired search term within your locality, within 2-3 weeks.

The £350 fee covers your one-off setup, plus 3 monthly checks. This is enough for most companies to get their site up and running for SEO, start generating and monitoring web traffic data, and make any adjustments and tweaks as necessary. By the end of the 3 months assuming you are going to “keep doing what you’re doing”.

For customers who anticipate major changes, continual additions or otherwise have a more detailed ongoing need, there are two options:

  1. If you are comfortable with dealing with matters yourself, you choose to have a full training day at the end of the 3 months at an additional cost of £350 + VAT, which will give you all the tools you need to keep monitoring, adjusting and improving your rankings and traffic performance, up to and including simple checklists to help you deal with complex behind-the-scenes code.
  2. If you prefer to leave this managed by us, a monthly fee of £120 + VAT covers us performing all the above work together with 2 pieces of content provision (see below) per month.

If you’d like your social media handled for you as well, please read on.

4) Social Media Management


There are 3 parts to social media management:

  1. Setup of the relevant Facebook site, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  2. Linking this to your website and establishing followers, methods and good practice.
  3. Provision of content.

You may wish to handle any one of these 3 items yourselves, but if you want us to handle them for you our rates are as follows:

  1. Setup of each social media account at a cost of £150 + VAT, including all relevant linking to both your website, existing social media, and business contacts, and full page design where appropriate.
  2. Overhaul and linking of existing social media and redesigning pages is the same cost at £150 + VAT.
  3. Provision of content (see below) is charged per item at £37.50 + VAT per month. If you incorporate Social Media to an existing SEO monthly contract, you’ll get 2 pieces of content free per month!
5) Content Provision


All the SEO and social media in the world is no good unless you have good content to put in front of your customers. This requires an understanding of both your business and customers, which you already have, and an understanding of how to get content through to them in meaningful and useful ways, which is where SkyBlue come in.

If you would like to outsource this service, we charge per item monthly at £37.50 + VAT.

For example, if you chose to have 3 content items per month, we’d liaise with you to gain an understanding of your business and customers, then use our professional copy-writers to provide relevant material written in a style that suits your business; for example if you sell timber, we’d ensure we have an understanding of the various markets you sell to – trade, commercial, domestic, and home workshoppers, for example – and the products you sell.

We’d then develop articles about your company and products, so for example if you are well known for provision of timber, but also sell hardware, an example of a months’ work might be:

  • we’d develop one article on a home project such as ideas to spruce up your back garden with stepped decking; linking through to all the parts required to produce the featured item
  • we’d create one sales promotion detailing an upselling promotion where if you buy £100 or more in timber, you get 10% off screws, showcasing the hardware side of your business
  • we’d create one info post on home security, showcasing some of the hasps, padlocks and locks you sell

This info would be posted to your website and distributed in a timed manner across your social media, mailing list and news feeds. Clickbacks from the promotions would be timed and monitored. The promotion could be extended to printed media and door drops, or newspaper/magazine articles, and would be sent out to local press on your behalf.

For only £112.50 plus VAT per month you can see how large the benefits can be; your site will be consistently Useful and Relevant to Google and orders should be recouped manyfold.

6) So what should I do about it?

If we’ve designed your site, then simply order our Advanced SEO Setup here.

Otherwise, you have 3 options.

  1. Website Review: If you think your site is sufficient for your needs and is capable of optimisation, but you don’t know where to start, then you can ask us to perform a Website Review for SEO. We’ll need access to your control panel, and we’ll evaluate your site; if it can be made SEO ready during the review we’ll simply get on and do this free of charge. Should our recommendation be at the end that the site is not SEO-friendly and needs reworked, we will discount 50% of the review cost from a new site build if you choose to use us. If the site is SEO-friendly we’ll give a quote for us to rework it, with several options for content generation and improvement (see 3).
  2. Site Overhaul: If you are certain your site is SEO-ready but need somebody to perform this work for you, then we will overhaul your site at our standard rate of £37.50 per hour*. Without a full review we can’t give a completely accurate cost but can give an estimate with 20% variance. Site overhauls can take from 3 to 10 hours or more dependent on the site size and how well its been created. Get in Touch to book an overhaul.
  3. New Website: if you think you need a new website, have a look at our Website Packages. You’ll get 20% off the Advanced SEO Setup when ordering your site simultaneously!

*Rates are based on 3 hours and up. No discount applies to the £37.50 rate. Costs exclude VAT.

Once your site is ready for SEO, Get in Touch to discuss your SEO Services.

Social Media Marketing

At bare minimum you should be providing the following to your customers:


A Facebook page allows you to communicate quickly with customers, conduct public chats about your products and allows friends, colleagues and followers to easily share information and expand your social network. Longtermly paid advertising on Facebook can put you in front of a wider audience for very little cost.


LinkedIn is great for more traditional business and more traditional businesspeople, together with operating a semi-formal referalls and recommendations system; its also a great way to network and find trusted staff and customers.


Google Plus integrates with all the Google Apps and is indispensable for companies wishing to take advantage of Google’s world-leading Maps service, together with great integration with GMail and all your customers who use it, and later on can be built up to incorporate Google Shopping which is an excellent way to get you to the first page with instant purchase.


Twitter is the great way to instantly communicate anything from flash deals to your company ethos and values, and once you start to build followers, sharing builds organically. It does require a lot of maintenance to use for business while remaining simultaneously inoffensive and unobtrusive, but getting results and building followers.

Take Charge of your SEO

If this article hasn’t answered your questions, or if you’d like to consult with us about your SEO needs, then click the button to get your web sales moving!