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We offer a range of great web design packages ready for you to order immediately. Within a week, you can have an entirely new website up and running!

Gorgeous Design

Beautiful and functional web designs.

Fully Optimised

Sites that work on mobile phones and tablets as well as they do on computer screens.

Friendly Approach

We’ll work with you throughout to ensure your site is just how you want it.

Plans and Pricing

We offer 4 basic levels of website design. If you are an individual or very small business, our Personal site will get you started. For small to medium businesses who need a simple web design, our Business site package offers a flexible and powerful solution. For larger companies, our Corporate site gives you the full package and support. If you have more complex requirements then we can build a Custom site for you to any specification.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!


SkyBlue created our logo and a website in a little under 2 weeks. With so many different products, ranging from tiny car parts to large bumpers and full vehicles, we had no idea how we could sell it all via one system.

Not only does the website work great, but SkyBlue helped us create multiple ways of presenting our projects from the most simple to the most complex, helping to design processes that have made presenting our company easy.

New products are simply put into a database with the photo’s name, and SkyBlue do the rest.

Ross McCulloch

Partner, Specialist Vehicle Solutions

SignMan’s website was functional, but was overbright, poorly designed, and couldn’t be updated. After several years they decided it was time for a change and we approached SkyBlue to have their site redesigned.

The site is not yet live, but comments on the build in progress: “The website is looking good! I would like to add some more photos, but its a big improvement on the old site. I’m just too busy to get it finished, but really want to get it live soon!”

Charles Johnston

Proprietor, SiGNMAN


When I wanted to seperate the tool supply side of my business from our main brand and take it online, SkyBlue took on the task and the results were great.

The new brand is fantastic, and the website talks to all my suppliers in real time, updating prices and sale information overnight; all we have to do is fulfil the orders.

Its worked out so well we already have one franchise enquiry and are looking to take the business forward nationally, with SkyBlue overseeing all of our online side.

David Britton

Director, East Lothian Tool Supply

Frequently Asked Questions

How expandable is my site?

A starter site can be upgraded to a Business Site at any time. So you can start off with a small investment and upgrade later.

The Business Site will be built round one or other of the popular Content Management Systems, dependent on the add-ons you’ve chosen. They are all remarkably similar and easy to use; log into the site, edit pages, add links between pages, and add important pages to menus. You’ll receive training on this. Dependent on the package used, you may be able to expand further with timed/dated posts, galleries, etc quite easily. It depends on your level of technical skill. We either offer monthly updates free to your site (add/edit pages, menus, links) or allow you to perform the work yourself and train you to do so.  Once you take over the site and start managing it yourself, we obviously can’t be held responsible for errors made.  It really comes down to whether you anticipate monthly (or longer) changes, or far more regular changes. As far as adding modules/functions later goes, its completely possible to add anything to a site at a later date. However decisions made at the beginning of the build, may impact later. For example, if you want a very fluid, photography-based site with animations, parallax and fade-ins, and then later on you decide you want it to display a detailed calendar of events, this may not be possible within the first style, so you’d need to create a seperate system rather than building it into the first. This is why its always better to try and anticipate your next 3 steps before building a site.

Will I get to the first page of Google?

Difficult question, to which the answer is Yes – for your company name, AND for the services you provide uniquely. You can’t force a page to the top of Google – Google decides, Google set the rules, and if you are providing relevant, current and regularly updated content on the services you provide (rather than just saying Cheap T-Shirt Printing over and over again) you will get there. Our sites are white-hat, employ no trickery and are eminently searchable. Our Dynamic Content system can allow you to create more content and have it be more visible to your users. Why not read our infopost about Search Engine Optimisation?

What coding system do you use?

We use whatever is appropriate for the site. Personal/Starter sites are coded from our pre-made templates.

For most medium size businesses who want basic editing, and good search engine rankings, we use WordPress; its blank canvas and our large range of custom and corporate plugins, high level of knowledge in terms of integrating e-commerce and event management, together with its user-friendly back end makes it the perfect platform for a constantly-evolving business.

For more technical applications we may use Joomla or CakePHP. Dependent on your merchant provider and desired store style, we might use Magento, WooCommerce, WPCommerce (formerly GetShopped) or a custom checkout/store system. We will mix and match technologies for the best results.

Obviously all our html coding is managed to the very highest standards.

Are there any hidden charges?

Not for the first year. Your site includes your hosting, domain name, setup, training and monthly edits. Thereafter your hosting will rebill at £60 annually, your domain dependent on the type, additional training and support can be provided as part of your hosting or by-the-minute, and further edits are charged by-the-minute. Its completely possible to manage your site yourself dependent on what add-ons you have, but you must host with us as a lot of the features we provide are embedded securely in our hosting system and not transferable.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Terms & Notes

Creative design does not include logo design.

Monthly updates are free for the first year and the extent of these is detailed in your contract.

The level of editability of your site is dictated by the package ordered; this will be detailed in your contract.