A 6pp  leaflet is so called, because when you take a sheet (in this example, and A4) and fold it into 3 (to make 210x99mm, or DL), each one of the leaves, or “pages to view” counts as a “printers page” or pp.

6pp DL Brochure

So 3 panels on 2 sides = 6pp.

Often people will refer to the unfolded size of the leaflet, i.e. “A4 roll-fold”, “A4 folded down”, “3 part A4”, or “A4 folded into three”. These are all accurate, but the correct terminology is a 6 printed page leaflet, or 6pp leaflet.

Folding Options

There are two ways of folding a 6pp leaflet, a roll-fold (often called a letter fold) or a Z-fold (often called a zig-zag fold).

6pp DL Brochure

Its obvious from the way the top edge lies, which one you will require for your desired outcome. And if its a Z-fold, then all panels are going to be equal and everything is fine.

What is not so obvious, so we’ve exaggerated it on the left-hand picture above, is the way that the yellow panel needs to be a couple of millimetres shorter to prevent buckling. We ask that your 3rd panel be provided at 3mm less than the other panels when letterfolding.

Example – A4 Flat Size

A standard A4 panel is 210 x 297mm.

A4 Plain Sheet

The long edge at 297mm divides into 3 panels of 99mm each. This is the standard accepted DL size, 99x210mm.

6pp DL Flat Example

If you tried to roll-fold this at exactly 99mm, you would find the edge of panel C jamming against the point where panels A & B meet.

A4 6pp DL Bad Fold

Therefore rather than make each panel 99mm, its advisable to make the two left-hand panels larger, and the right-hand panel smaller.

To make it easier on everybody, we set the size for our finished “DL” leaflets to 100mm. Thus you find that if you start with a document like this:

A4 Example Letterfold

….when you fold panel C inwards, the panels slot neatly together with no buckling.

A4 6pp DL Good Fold


If this seems complex, its really not. Simply download our Photoshop template to create your artwork easily with all guides, margins and bleeds laid out for you, or send us your artwork for a free check when you place an order.

Supply Sizes

A5 finished size: 2 panels at 148mm and one panel at 145mm. Trim size 441mm x 210mm, bleed size 447mm x 216mm.

Here are the complete templates for Z-folded and roll-folded 6pp DL leaflets, together with images showing how the pages are named (1 being the front cover, 6 being the back cover, and the rest following from there).


Click to download either of the templates below:



6pp DL Leaflet Letterfold



6pp DL Leaflet Z-fold