Print Products A to Z

This list covers printing onto paper and card only. We also produce many other products so please click below if you wish to visit the A-Z lists for:
  • Items for restaurants, retailers and boutiques etc such as menus, coasters, aprons, gift cards & vouchers, displays and bag labels – over 50 separate items.
  • Clothing such as workwear, promotional T-shirts, aprons, jackets etc.
  • All music and multimedia-related items for promotion of video, bands, festivals, and music events such as CDs, DVDs, lanyards, packaging and ticketing.
  • Promotional items like USB sticks, umbrellas, desk pads – anything printed with your corporate logo for internal distribution or use as gifts.

High Quality Printing

SkyBlue Design & Print are experts in top quality print. This is because we come from a design background.

Why is this important in print? Well, even very experienced and talented graphic designers will be directing their projects to multiple disciplines; only 20-30% of their work ends up printed onto paper or another substrate. Many projects these days are destined for the web. This means designers who don’t manage print regularly, often don’t build up experience of the problems and pitfalls.

Sadly this means the most talented designer can still be unaware of how best to print their concepts; if this results in disappointment for a client, its upsetting – but easily avoidable if you work with a reputable company. Our basis is firmly in prepress and design, meaning you can trust us to interpret your requirements and get it right.

We’ll work with your designer to make sure the job is just how you want it.

Why Sky Blue?

We are sure you’ve found cheaper deals online; but we’ve seen the quality of some of the “cheap” companies’ work. Print flaking off b-grade paper, pixellation and missed punctuation, logos suddenly disappearing, boxes arriving with gouges from bad packing, let alone bad shipping, and worst of all, varying colours from sheet to sheet.

We work with over £20m of the latest print equipment to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. We print fast, and accurate material. While these matters may not be a concern to some companies, if you’ve ever tried to print a deep grey solid, reproduce a bright purple or the colour of a sunset accurately in print, and been disappointed, perhaps you need a printer who approaches their work like a craft, not a job.

Our extensive 25 year experience in material buying and labour saving means you can work with the best machinery, the best substrates, and the best press operators in the UK – colleagues we have trusted for decades – without paying inflated prices. In fact, we are so confident we can exceed your current suppliers’ reach, we guarantee to beat any cost by 10%, like for like.

So if its the same paper, the same specifications and they are producing it on a colour laser printer, we won’t match that. If they are producing it lithographically or using the same methods we would, for the same job, we’ll guarantee to beat by 10% – not only the price; we’ll beat the quality too, and exceed your expectations for client care. There’s a reason we are confident.

Join us.