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To get us started on your first page drafts, please firstly fill out this form. You should have already filled out our basic form which asked questions about your domain name, hosting etc. These items are included in your package cost, but we will still need to know the answers to them. If you haven’t filled this out already, please click here to open the Basic Web Quotation form in a new window. Fill it out and send it, then close the window and fill in the Web Design Brief form below.


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    You'll need to supply us with text and/or images for each of these pages.

    Do you have a logo?

    If you don't have a logo, we can design one for you.

    If you don't have a logo, we can design one for you. Would you like a quote for this? If not, we'll provide a plain text logo based on your answers below.

    Now, let us know the basic style you require. If what you see is not suitable, use the next field to clarify.

    If none of the above are suitable, or if you want to clarify, enter a couple of lines about the Basic Style here:

    Secondly, let us know the colour scheme you'd like. Clarify specific colours in the next box.

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    These don't have to be the same colours as your logo. Logos are often very bright which isn't as pleasant to look at for large screen areas. You can leave this blank for us to pick if you prefer.

    Finally, give us some info on your text & fonts. Clarify specific colours in the next box.

    Specify any further detail about your fonts here, for example the text colour you'd like to use, or a specific font you wish to use:

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    Now its time to give us some info on your layout & setup. From the answers above and your guides below, we'll prepare a sample page for you to approve. You'll also need to send us your content; see the next section.

    Website Orientation:

    Select if you'd like your page selection menu on the top, or the left of the screen.

    Website Title (Exact):

    Exactly what you want your site to be called. For example this site is called SkyBlue DesignWorks. At the top of the web browser you'll see the site name appears after the page name for example: Homepage - SkyBlue DesignWorks.

    Website Tagline (Exact):

    If you have a business tagline - for example SkyBlue DesignWorks might have the tagline "creative, clever design" - then enter it here.

    Front Page Content:
    What do you want on the front page? Just a static front page, or continually updating News? If you plan to update more than once a month, you may wish to have your news automatically reach the front page. If its less, or you plan to rotate content, you may want to manually add items to the front page when it suits.

    Comparison Sites:

    Are there other websites you like the look of? Or things you've seen on other websites you really DON'T like? Let us know the site addresses and the features you like and we'll include them if we can.

    Finally, you thought about any add-ons? Are there any items that concern you? If so, let us know below, whether you'd definitely like to add any of the following features, or if you'd like a callback to discuss how your site will handle them. If you want to add them simply click the links below to add them to your cart and get 20% off!
    Your site can be expanded to sell online at any time.
    Dynamic Content:
    Your site includes some dynamic features already (menus, gallery, crosslinking).
    If you need to take timed bookings or appointments, but have any concerns, mark for a callback.
    Your site includes a basic Gallery already, but if you have a complex requirement either add the Plugin or request a callback.
    Complex Shipping:
    Only available together with an ECommerce site.
    Mailing List and/or Social Media:
    Your site includes basic Social Media features, but if you have concerns or special requirements either add the Module, or ask us to call you.
    Advisor Chat:
    Online Chat facility.
    Events System:
    This can be quite simple or very complex so its always worth a chat before ordering.
    Your site is provided already Search Engine Optimised. However if you want advanced features and analytics, add this to your cart or request a call to discuss.

    Any other special information, requests or notes

    Upload any files you have ready, or confirm how you will be sending them:

    Logo File

    If you are able to upload your logo now, please do so below:

    Favicon File
    The Favicon is a small square icon used on your site wherever a blank space occurs, and in listings, square logo areas such as Twitter, and at the top of the site when its compressed or mobile.

    If you have a square version of your logo, or a square symbol you like to use in places like this, please upload it now. Otherwise we will create one for you.

    Site Text

    Ideally, for each Page Name you have given us above, create a Text file, RTF file, or Word document called the same, and either combine them into a ZIP file, and upload it to P1, or upload each document to the numbered page. Remember to name them so we can line them up to your page names above:
    Page 1:
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    Page 8:

    Site Contact Details

    How do you want people to contact you? Please let us know the data you want displayed. In each case, let us know if you want this on the front page, contact page, or both. Also indicate if you want them large within the body of the site, or small in the header or footer.
    You MUST fill all required items in for our records. An example is shown in each case.

    Main Telephone (required):
    International Telephone:
    Mobile Telephone:

    Address (required):

    Address Location (should be on the Contact Page)

    Opening Hours:

    Opening Hours Location (should be on the contact page, used for Google Maps):


    Please note, its not recommended you post your email address on your website, as it will be scoured by bots and you'll get lots of spam!

    Finally, please now share with us a Dropbox folder of your images, or send us as many images as you can.
    These images should be named Page-x, i.e. if you have 3 pictures to appear on the Vehicles page, they should be named in order Vehicles-1, Vehicles-2, Vehicles-3. If you have a Gallery of images, please send them to us, together with an indication of how they should be Tagged. If you are not sure about this, don’t worry, we’ll contact you directly once your Gallery is ready to be configured, once we’ve built the bulk of the site we’ll have a better idea of what you will need!

    To prevent spamming of this form, please type the characters as you see them, into the box below.

    Content Checklist

    We’ll need text, pictures and some technical details.


    Send us over the text for each page as TextEdit, Word, or RTF files. The best way is to share a Dropbox folder with us. Otherwise email to [email protected], or share all your info with


    Send us over your logo and the images for each page as JPEG, TIF, or PDF files. The best way is to share a Dropbox folder with us. Otherwise email to [email protected], or share all your info with

    Technical Data

    If you own your own domain, we’ll need the provider name, username and password to allow us to make changes when needed. If you’re doing ECommerce, we’ll need your merchant codes. We’ll contact you directly for these items when they are needed, so they don’t form part of the checklist directly.

    Optional Extras

    Your site will be fully expandable and upgradeable in the future. However its quicker to add extras to your site during the build process, than at a later date. Therefore we offer a discount on additional items when ordered alongside your site build.


    Have your site configured to sell online for only £200 (usually £250). This option can be hidden and revealed later so you can build your shop in the background.

    Add to your order


    ECommerce can be as simple or as complex as you want. Base ECommerce means clients order and have their delivery sent directly to them. If you want clients to be able to order items and send them to different addresses, or split them up, or send them out white label, add this service for only £120 (usually £150).

    Add to your order

    SEO Module

    Search Engine Optimisation module. Requires a one-off setup and then monitoring by either yourselves or us on various bases. Social media setup is also possible. Read more on our SEO Services page. Setup is £320, get it for £256 when your order this add-on today with your web package.

    Find out more


    Your website is expandable already; you will be able to add pages, menus, and links. To create truly dynamic content, add our Dynamic Content module for only £150 (usually £190) to enable your site to pull content from other pages and posts; i.e. every time you add a Portfolio item, it will appear on all pages that reference your Portfolio. Repeat this for Products, Events, or any dynamically changing event you can think of!

    Add to your order

    Mailing List

    Integrate a mailing program such as Mailchimp so that clients can sign up directly from your website. Order now to have this module created for only £80 instead of £100.

    Add to your order


    Have your site configured to sell tables, delivery slots or booking times for only £200 (usually £250). This option can be hidden and revealed later so you can build your booking system in the background.

    Add to your order


    Are you busy? Short-staffed? Work in a noisy environment? Or do all your phone calls seem to come at once, like buses? Installing an advisor chat service can queue customers on the web, with no awkward pauses while you check info. We can also set up phone answering systems, 0800 numbers, virtual secretaries and multiple choice phone menus. POA.

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    Want a beautiful gallery to show off your products, services or skills? For only £50 (usually £75) we’ll install AJAX/Java-optimised galleries that work quickly and beautifully to showcase your company.

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    Do you run live events? Timed promotions? Weekly, daily, monthly, every 2 weeks and first Sunday of every month? We’ve built custom events systems for the biggest companies in the UK and can easily help you get a manageable online diary, presented beautifully. Costs start at £800 when ordered as part of a Business Site (usually £1000).

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Just how expandable is my site?

    Your site will be built round one or other of the popular Content Management Systems, dependent on the add-ons you’ve chosen. They are all remarkably similar and easy to use; log into the site, edit pages, add links between pages, and add important pages to menus. You’ll receive training on this. Dependent on the package used, you may be able to expand further with timed/dated posts, galleries, etc quite easily. It depends on your level of technical skill. We either offer monthly updates free to your site (add/edit pages, menus, links) or allow you to perform the work yourself and train you to do so.  Once you take over the site and start managing it yourself, we obviously can’t be held responsible for errors made.  It really comes down to whether you anticipate monthly (or longer) changes, or far more regular changes. As far as adding modules/functions later goes, its completely possible to add anything to a site at a later date. However decisions made at the beginning of the build, may impact later. For example, if you want a very fluid, photography-based site with animations, parallax and fade-ins, and then later on you decide you want it to display a detailed calendar of events, this may not be possible within the first style, so you’d need to create a seperate system rather than building it into the first. This is why its always better to try and anticipate your next 3 steps before building a site.

    Will I get to the first page of Google?

    Difficult question, to which the answer is Yes – for your company name, AND for the services you provide uniquely. You can’t force a page to the top of Google – Google decides, Google set the rules, and if you are providing relevant, current and regularly updated content on the services you provide (rather than just saying Cheap T-Shirt Printing over and over again) you will get there. Our sites are white-hat, employ no trickery and are eminently searchable. Our Dynamic Content system will allow you to create more content and have it be more visible to your users. Why not read our infopost about Search Engine Optimisation?

    What can I edit?

    Your page content, pictures on your site, links between pages, and what is on your menus. You do not get access to the back end or FTP-based code as this is our intellectual property; you have access to your site through a control panel.

    Are there any hidden charges?

    Not for the first year. Your site includes your hosting, domain name, setup, training and monthly edits. Thereafter your hosting will rebill at £60 annually, your domain dependent on the type, additional training and support can be provided as part of your hosting or by-the-minute, and further edits are charged by-the-minute. Its completely possible to manage your site yourself dependent on what add-ons you have, but you must host with us as a lot of the features we provide are embedded securely in our hosting system and not transferable.

    Don't Be Shy

    If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

    Terms & Notes

    Creative design does not include logo design.

    Monthly updates are free for the first year and the extent of these is detailed in your contract.

    The level of editability of your site is dictated by the package ordered; this will be detailed in your contract.