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Web Services Pricelist 2015-16

Web Hosting

Your hosting package is the physical disk space where your website resides. Generally, but not always, this includes your email provision as well. Hosting will be one of 3 levels:

Basic Hosting: Includes email support, up to 5 web addresses, first year unlimited warranty only. Includes no support for the site. £60 per annum

Standard Hosting: Includes email support, up to 10 email addresses, a second year’s warranty against issues caused by software upgrades* for database-driven sites, first year unlimited warranty. Includes up to 2 hours support per annum by the minute. £100 per annum.

Corporate Hosting: Includes all of the above, up to 25 email addresses and maintenance of systems & databases, and a 2-year unlimited warranty, with an unlimited warranty against issues caused by software upgrades*. Includes up to 6 hours support per annum by the minute. £200 per annum.

Domain Names

Your domain name is the address that points to your server, for example www.mysite.com.

Your email services are linked to your domain, for example info@mysite.com.

Many clients will wish to arrange their own domains. This presents no problem for us, but we will require access to your control panel to configure things for you. If you don’t want the hassle, the following costs include all your configuration.

.co.uk – £20 plus VAT per 2 years
.com – £30 plus VAT per 2 years
.uk – £20 plus VAT per 2 years
.org – £33 plus VAT per 2 years

Of course other yearly arrangements and domain name suffixes are available. If you want to know more, click the link below to ask us for a quotation or consultation.


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