Terms of Order

By placing a print order with us you agree to by bound by our terms; should you wish to cancel your order please respond in writing. Failure to do so shall indicate your acceptance of these terms.

Regardless of whether information has been given to you over the phone or in writing these terms & conditions are laid clearly out on our website and you are judged to have read and accepted both the below and our full terms as a condition of placing an order.
Turnaround Time
Your order has been quoted subject to a timed turnaround*. The Sky Blue Group (SBG) accept this job on the basis of the turnaround you have paid for (Examples: 1-2wd, 2-4wd, 4-6wd, or Trade – up to 5wd). If you have ordered a Trade job printing Thursday for Friday, or any other 24-hour or 48-hour timescale, and have not paid for the upgrade to such a timescale, you agree SBG shall not be liable for any failure to deliver within this time which is a courtesy estimate only. Turnarounds are variable dependent on production schedules and only the turnaround ordered and paid for can be expected i.e. if we have estimated 3 days and quoted you on a 2-4 working day job, for example, we shall not be liable for failure to despatch on the 3rd day should schedules change without our notice. SBG shall not be liable for additional fees incurred should we suffer a press breakdown, courier failure or any other such act. Should a job fail to be delivered within the turnaround time you ordered, we may at our absolute discretion decide to either offer a partial credit, or the difference between the price paid and the price of the next turnaround step down.
Once a specification is given to us with artwork, the job will proceed immediately to print. Therefore please do not send us ‘sample artwork’ or ‘examples’ of what the job may look like unless you intend us to print same. If you are an account customer jobs may despatch in advance of you receiving an invoice, however if you are a pro forma customer or are ordering at Trade or website rates please ensure that your invoice is paid promptly, as this may delay despatch.
Artwork submitted is sent straight to print. Therefore it is incapable of cancellation or change without incurring charges for work done thus far – plates, films, labour etc; regardless of whether or not you have received an invoice. Our billing system is seperated from our print system for non-web orders so non-receipt of invoice does not mean your job is not confirmed. It is a condition of trading with Sky Blue that if you or your representative (designer, employee or other) sends us artwork in response to a quote or with order information, we may print it immediately without consultation to meet your deadline.
Clients’ Own artwork
If you have supplied your own artwork, we accept no responsibility for dissatisfaction if you failed to follow our print guidelines and asked us to make alterations free of charge for you. If you do not supply printed proofs with your artwork, or request, and pay for, a digital or ‘wet’ proof, we can take no responsibility for dissatisfaction in your print work due to lack of understanding of PDF proofs, bleed, margin or standard printing convention, or colour discrepancies due to inaccurate reproduction on your monitor or mobile device.
Delivery will be made via overnight courier. This means the delivery is incapable of alteration once booked. Dependent on the type of job the booking may be made at the point of order, or the point of despatch. Please ensure you supply the correct delivery address with your order. Failure to do so will mean either a delay to your job or us delivering to the last known address we sent to for you. By placing an order with us you authorise us to despatch to your last known address and agree that delivery cannot be changed once booked.
The couriers will deliver between 9 and 6pm to the address indicated on the invoice or order confirmation, which you should check carefully. We operate on the basis that the address you give us is a business address and accessible within these hours; if this is not the case you should make arrangements to be on the premises or at home from no later than 9am on the day of delivery. We can accept no responsibility for delays occasioned by your failure to provide a business address open 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday. If you have not provided a business address open between 9am and 6pm, and we cannot contact you but know you have a deadline to meet, we may have had to pass a delivery address to the factory to authorise your job starting immediately to meet your deadline. We will use our own Portobello (Edinburgh) address below in this case and you will need to collect your goods. To prevent this happening please provide us with a formal order with your work, or use the website – i.e. we should be sent artwork, payment, plus both a delivery & invoice address if different so we can process your job. Our factories are large-scale commercial operations and micromanagement of batched jobs is not possible – the delivery details need to ‘rest with’ the job throughout the factory process.
Its also your responsibility to notify us should deliveries fail to arrive. No responsibility will be accepted for failure by either yourself or your representative, staff or neighbours, to inform you that a delivery has arrived.
Complaints must be made by using our online web form and you should read the conditions relating to any issue carefully before submitting a complaint. We cannot make complaints without the full information stated on the form and complaints must be made within 7 days (5 working days) of goods being received. In the event goods are not received whether due to delay, misdelivery,loss or any other reason, you must inform us you have not received your goods within 7 days of the reasonably expected arrival date. Failure to do so will not permit us to refund the order as it will likely have been printed and despatched according to our terms, and we only have a limited time in which to pursue such matters with our couriers.