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Submit a Design Brief

If you’d like us to produce some graphic design for you, our easy to use form allows you to submit all the information we’ll require. You can browse our price scale to see how much the work is likely to cost, or submit your requirement below and ask us to provide a custom price – you may have print to go alongside the job or multiple items to produce – in both case we can offer great discounts on the price scale.


You can choose on the form whether you wish to proceed immediately with the work, or receive a quotation. Once you’ve submitted your brief, either wait for us to return a quote, or select from our price scale the item you require and check out. Once you’ve checked out, you will be able to upload to your job all the files, logos and further information you wish via our online upload system.


We require a 50% deposit to start design work; if you use the checkout for the item you require, you’ll need to pay in full, but we guarantee a fixed rate. If you wish to pay a 50% deposit then you can use our Pay Invoice feature and manually enter the amount you are paying; again, this will allow you to upload your files to the job.


Finally, if you require a quotation only but need to send us files to assist us in pricing your work, you can use our Free Artwork Submission button to enter the job to our system, and upload the files on checkout. This requires you to enter your contact details and/or set up an account.

Please fill out the form below to give us the information we’ll need to process your quotation or design brief. We will try to return estimates within 1 hour of receipt, and most design work within 4 working days. If you need it faster, let us know on the form.

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Your Company, Event, Show or Project Name

    What is this for?

    What is your current requirement?

    Please enter details on the items you require including size and pagination where appropriate:

    For example, 'I need a 2-sided A6 leaflet and a standard size business card printed one side.'

    Are you supplying us with job assets like logos, photos or other files?

    Please enter details on the job assets you will supply:

    For example, 'Please rework my previous business card from Dec 2013' or 'I'm enclosing a logo and photo for use on the front of the leaflet'.

    Please enter details on the method via which you are supplying these assets:

    So you've let us know above the size, pagination and name of the job you want designed. We'll need some basic details now as to how you'd like your design produced. You'll fill in the content detail at the end. You may want to send us files, this can be done via our Artwork Upload service (you will need an account) or via email.

    First, let us know the basic style you require. If what you see is not suitable, use the next field to clarify.

    If none of the above are suitable, or if you want to clarify, enter a couple of lines about the Basic Style here:

    Secondly, let us know the colour scheme you'd like. Clarify specific colours in the next box.

    Specify the background and secondary (and tertiary or more) colours here:


    Finally, give us some info on your text & fonts. Clarify specific colours in the next box.

    Specify any further detail about your fonts here, for example the text colour you'd like to use, or a font you wish to use:

    Now its time to give us your full content. You can either type it our here, email stuff to (enter your name/show/concept/company name as the subject), or use our Artwork Uploader, either to pay for and start your job, or to register an account and upload your files for free.

    Please enter a job content brief, or confirm how you will send one:

    Please be as descriptive as possible about the layout, sizes, areas, text and where its to be placed. You can also upload a Word layout file or similar using our Artwork Uploader once you've submitted this brief.

    Job Speed Requirement
    Please specify how quickly you need the work complete.

    Any other special information, requests or notes

    To prevent spamming of this form, please type the characters as you see them, into the box below.

    Submit a Design Brief – Info and Ordering

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