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Here is everything you need to know about supplying artwork for print.

Supplying Artwork for Print

There are really only three things you need to do to make sure artwork supplied to us is usable. If you are at all concerned about your artwork, you can add our Artwork Helper to your cart by pressing the button, or at Checkout. The cost for this is £7.50 – we’ll check your files, make any alterations necessary, and return a proof.

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1. Make sure it is High Resolution

Resolution refers to the amount of dots per inch, or dpi, of your document. You need to START creating, and create your artwork, at 300 dots per inch. Upscaling after the event will not improve matters.

2. Make sure the artwork has Bleed.

Bleed refers to the space between content you want, and where we will trim. If you do not understand bleed, read our simple FAQ and checklist, or the more detailed article here.

3. Artwork Size

Files should be correctly sized. If its an A6 order and you send an A5 document we will have to stop and check if its your mistake. If its an A3 order and you want us to scale up your supplied A4 file, we have to check that too. This can delay your order. Simply mark in the comments if you want us to make such an alteration without checking with you. However if its an A6 order and you’ve supplied it at 10 by 14 cm, we can’t fix that without liaising with you. So make sure you’ve checked the size and proportions are correct. If you are worried, or haven’t started your artwork yet, why not head over to our Print Templates page and grab the correct template for your job?

Other Considerations

Files should be CMYK but this is more for your preference when viewing your artwork, as we will automatically convert all your files to CMYK in-house together with any other minor issues which we will fix in-house for you, generally free of charge.

If you are worried about RGB vs CMYK, bleed, vector artwork, types of file to supply or anything else to do with printing terms, click on the links within this document or head to our print preparation checklist page.

Accepted File Types

PSD (up to Photoshop CS6)
EPS (please convert fonts to paths)
PDF (please use PDF-X1a standardisation)
Quark 6.0 (with all fonts & images in a ZIP file)
InDesign CS6 (with all fonts & images in a ZIP file)
Illustrator CS6

How to Send Artwork

Best Way: After placing an order, using our File Upload system


By email to:
Via Dropbox
Via WeTransfer (preferred), Hightail, or

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