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Bands can be printed in any Pantone colour. Due to the high level of pigmentation, most bright colours will glow under UV. We can also print these in several specialist colours that are UV-reactive, click the tab above for details. We can also produce metallic gold and silver bands.

We can print the bands in most Pantone colours as well, although generally people choose black and white. We also have our specialist UV glowing green ink which, well, glows green under UV!


Black Silicon Wristbands UV Glowing Green Ink

Black Silicon Wristbands UV Glowing Green Ink

We can offer bands in specialist UV Glowing Green and Blue, together with Glowing Purple and Glowing Blue. The former appear as a bright band but light up very brightly under UV light. The latter appear as a plain white band and react to UV by changing colour. We also offer our glowing green ink – see the ink colours tab for more info.


UV Glowing Blue Wristbands Embossed White 2

UV Glowing Blue Wristbands Embossed White 2

UV Glowing Green Silicon Wristbands Embossed Black

UV Glowing Green Silicon Wristbands Embossed Black

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Silicon Wristbands – we can produce these in every colour under the sun, printed using embossed inks in plain or UV colours. We also produce gold, silver and UV glowing bands together with UV glowing ink.

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    Silicon Wristbands – Info and Ordering

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