GM Fringe Programme Package Add-Ons

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Order theatre programmes in a variety of sizes.

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Order programmes in a variety of sizes. Programmes are generally printed on 135gsm gloss art paper. However you can request a quote if you need something more complex.

These items are reduced by £20 when ordering with a package (minimum spend £150 total). Use code GMFRINPROG20 to claim your £20 reduction.

Basic Product Info

Programmes are printed on 135gsm gloss in full colour. There are many variants, and many clients have different ways of expressing what they want. Therefore we have set this system up to be as easy as possible for you; select the size you want to start with, and you’ll be given your folding options. Select the folding option that makes sense to you, and you’ll be given the final correct nomenclature at the foot. Alternatively you can select this to begin with. If you want to read more about the naming and pagination of programmes, read our FAQ.

Printing Techniques

We print most programmes lithographically, even in small quantities. Below 250 or so flyers, your work may be printed digitally. We don’t use cheap laser printers, we use digital impression printers such as the Canon iGen and in many cases the quality of our digital printing is better than litho! Sadly its too expensive to use for high quantities in general terms.

Supply Variations

Occasionally, items ordered at 135gsm in small quantities may be printed on 150gsm or even 170gsm for speed. If there is a particular reason you need to keep to a cheaper, flimsier paper weight (for example mailing costs) then you will generally be placing a large order, but do let us know if this presents an issue.

Turnaround, VAT & Delivery

The turnaround on these items is 5-10 working days. There is no VAT on programmes. For more info on turnarounds, see the FAQ.

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