C venues Fringe Flyer Packages – Standard

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Order flyers and/or posters in a variety of sizes. Standard turnaround, with great package discounts.

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Order flyers and/or posters in a variety of sizes.

These items are on our Standard turnaround. Orders take approx 3 working days to produce.

Please note if you order this package by 10AM, we will despatch it within the next 3-4 working days.

This means the likely day of despatch will be between:

Thursday 28th of March 2019
Friday 29th of March 2019

The likely delivery date will be the following working day, or between:

Friday 29th of March 2019
Monday 1st of April 2019

If you need your products earlier than this, please use our 1-Day service which takes 1-2 working days to print. We also offer a Same-Day (print in the morning, receive early evening) service – telephone only.

Basic Product Info

Your flyers are printed on either heavyweight 170gsm gloss paper, standard weight 250gsm gloss card, or our premium 300gsm gloss (as thick as a 350gsm), in full colour on both sides.

Posters are printed on 135gsm gloss in full colour one side.

Printing Techniques

We print most flyers lithographically, even in small quantities. Below 250 or so flyers, your work may be printed digitally. We don’t use cheap laser printers, we use digital impression printers such as the Canon iGen and in many cases the quality of our digital printing is better than litho! Sadly its too expensive to use for high quantities in general terms.

Supply Variations

Occasionally, items ordered at 300gsm in small quantities may be printed on 350gsm or even 400gsm for speed. If there is a particular reason you need to keep to a cheaper, flimsier paper weight (for example mailing costs) then you will generally be placing a large order, but do let us know if this presents an issue.

Turnaround, VAT & Delivery

Orders placed by 19th July will be delivered from 27th July onwards. From then onwards, orders placed on the Standard service will take 3 working days to produce. For more info on turnarounds, see here. Delivery is £15 on the package although if your venue has provided you with a discount code then it will be free on application of the code. Costs include the UK VAT on the posters; if you need a VAT receipt, select this option at checkout.

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