Quick Guide

Use this quick guide to help you decide what paper weights and types to use. Its intended to be very brief; but if you need to know more on a particular subject, click on the highlighted terms for more info.

Paper Type

  • Coated – standard paper; coated with a gloss or silk finish
  • Offset – uncoated, rougher paper

More info on coatings can be found here.

Paper Weights

  • 135gsm – Standard Leaflet Paper; what most people use
  • 170gsm – Premium Leaflet Paper; more premium feel and useful for larger leaflets to stop them feeling too “floppy”
  • 250gsm – Light Card; a good card to use for small items, or to keep costs down and retain strength in the post
  • 300gsm – Standard Card – our best selling board. We use a very light density board which means it feels very rigid when used for flyers
  • 350gsm – Standard Business Card – the standard for business cards, or great for premium flyers and invites
  • 400gsm – Premium Business Card – heavyweight business card, the most premium of our common card weights