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Large Format Posters Info

Large Format Posters Info on posters A2 and above; generally printed on a large format printer. We offer these printed both digitally, screen and lithographically to give you the best quality item at the most suitable price by matching the print process to the end application. We can also print onto canvas and clear acetate.

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If you’d like to order Large Format Posters online now, please check that your order complies with our Artwork Guidelines.

If you are not sure, then add our Artwork Helper to your cart (cost: £7.50) and we will check your artwork and return a proof to you.

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Please fill out the form below to give us the information we’ll need to process your quotation. We will try to return it within 1 hour of receipt. Please note if there is a feature you require for the product (such as individual numbering for example) which is not listed below, we can generally do it but your quote may take longer to return. Mark this in the final box.

If you are unsure about the Paper Weight & Type hover over this acronym: ( PWT ) – or click here to read the Quick Guide.


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    Although double-sided posters are unusual, we can produce them.

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    Neon is available in yellow, green and red, choose when you order. All posters except those on coated paper are weatherproof; for detail on weatherproofing please contact us.

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    Leave unselected if you have chosen offset or specialist paper, or if you have no preference as to gloss or silk.

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    Please note we can only print silver & pantone inks onto coated paper; neon papers are printed black only.

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    Leave this blank if you want under 100. If you want another quantity*, or several quantities, please note it in the bottom box.

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    *We may have to quote on our closest available quantity but may be able to offer you an in-between price on your specific requirement - it can't hurt to ask!

    Please note there are some limitations on products, for example minimum weight of paper which can be laminated. We'll inform you of any issues and your closest similar option in such cases.

    Large Format Posters Info and Ordering
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