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Info on NCR Pads:

NCR stands for No Carbon Required. In the olden days, carbon copy forms had a dark blue copysheet interleaved. These days, pressure-sensitive carbon paper can pick up your handwritten forms. We offer these in multiple options from individual leaves, to fully stapled and spine-wrapped books, with individual numbering and/or perforation so you can hand form parts to customers, retaining equal numbered copies for your records.

Order NRC Pads Online

If you’d like to order NCR Pads online now, please check that your order complies with our Artwork Guidelines.

If you are not sure, then add our Artwork Helper to your cart (cost: £7.50) and we will check your artwork and return a proof to you.

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Please fill out the form below to give us the information we’ll need to process your quotation. We will try to return it within 1 hour of receipt. Please note if there is a feature you require for the product (such as full colour for example) which is not listed below, we can generally do it but your quote may take longer to return. Mark this in the final box.



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    Pagination - 2, 3 or 4 sheets:

    Forms are printed on white top copy and tinted paper for additional parts - if you wish a particular order for the tints please note in the final box.



    Gluing in sets is included in the cost (i.e. parts gathered together, overall forms supplied singly in boxes). Gluing into pads is performed as a second process so the forms still tear out easily in their sets. 2pt forms are glued in pads of 50 or 100 sets, 3pt forms are glued in pads of 50 sets, 4pt forms are glued in pads of 50 sets.

    Books with Spine:

    We can make your pads into books with stapling and spine tape. Books can contain up to 1000 forms, specify quantity in the final box. SPECIAL OFFER: Get perforating and/or individual numbering FREE when you buy books.

    Print Colours:

    NCR Books / Carbon Copy Forms are printed black only to one side. For a different or additional colour please mark your request in the final box.

    Individual Numbering:

    Individual numbering to one place. More than one number/position is possible, please mark in the final box.


    Perforated line to one place. More than one perforation is possible, please mark your request in the final box.


    If you want another quantity*, or several quantities, please note it in the bottom box.

    Delivery: (if more than one address, please state details in the last box):

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    *We may have to quote on our closest available quantity but may be able to offer you an in-between price on your specific requirement - it can't hurt to ask!

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