Choosing Your Wristbands

Choosing Your Wristbands


Lets choose your wristbands! Its pretty simple – paper, vinyl, or silicone. Tyvek/Paper is the “disposable” option – high quality, unrippable and economical – the cost saved in making your venue or event secure far outweighs the cost of the band. If you need more security, or you are looking for a more premium impact, then our gloss vinyl wristbands tick all boxes and they can be printed too. Finally, if you want long term brand retention, silicone bands are wearable as fashion items and can really help cement your brand and customers.

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Great and easy. Pop onto our next page and pick your band colour, and whether you need them printed. In a rush? We can deliver same-day in most major cities.


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Silicone, or silicon, bands are a flexible rubber available in almost every colour, plus lots of cool options like glow in the dark, glow under UV or super bright neon.

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Choosing Your Wristbands

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