Choosing Your Leaflets

Choosing Your Leaflets

This page covers leaflets – you may want to click for flyers, which would be on card rather than paper.

Leaflets are printed generally 135gsm gloss which we offer at exceptionally good rates when you order leaflets online, and we also offer a heavier 170gsm gloss. There are also a multitude of offset (uncoated), and premium papers available. Because there are so many options, we’ve broken them down for you; click on the boxes below to choose what you would like a price on and we’ll take you to the correct page!

I'd like to order double-sided (2pp) leaflets up to A5

Correct naming of leaflets is done in printers’ pages (pp). A double-sided leaflet has two pages to view, so its a 2pp leaflet.

If you want to order double-sided leaflets, we split them across two pages – standard sizes up to A5 and larger sizes from A4 and above, both flat and folded.

Click here to order 2pp leaflets up to A5
I'd like to order tri-fold or 3-part (6pp) leaflets

Correct naming of leaflets is done in printers’ pages (pp), with the size referring to the size once folded.

An A4 folded into 3 is understood to be 3 pages to view on the front, and 3 to view on the back. Therefore its a 6pp leaflet.

There are two folds available, a Zig-Zag (Z-fold) or a roll-fold (also known as a letter fold or C-fold). If you want to read more about this click here.

Click here to order 6pp leaflets
I'd like a more complex folded leaflet


We’d term this a Folded Brochure. Click the link below to submit a custom quote:

Click here for a folded brochure quote

Get a Quote

If you can’t find the info on leaflets you require, and aren’t ready to order online yet, please fill out the form below to give us the information we’ll need to process your quotation. We will try to return it within 1 hour of receipt. Please note if there is a feature you require for the product (such as individual numbering for example) which is not listed below, we can generally do it but your quote may take longer to return. Mark this in the final box.

If you are unsure about the Paper Weight & Type hover over this acronym: ( PWT ) – or click here to read the Quick Guide.

Please note: this form is for single- and double-sided leaflets only. For folded leaflets please visit the links above for either 6pp (tri-folds), or more complex folds.

    Your Name (required)

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    Your Company, Event or Show Name

    Pagination - Single or Double Sided:

    Print Size:

    Paper Weight :

    Paper Coating Type:

    Leave unselected if you have chosen offset paper, or if you have no preference as to gloss or silk.

    Print Colours:

    Do note that due to printing methods there is no saving to be made changing the colours from one side to another. Your choice here covers both sides in the case of double-sided printing.


    If you want another quantity*, or several quantities, please note it in the bottom box.


    (If more than one address, please state details in the last box).

    Lamination (if required):


    Most arrangements of perforation are possible, please upload a file to show us yours.


    Most arrangements of creasing are possible on papers over 170gsm, please upload a file to show us yours.

    Additional Print Options (if required):

    Please state in the additional info the percentage coverage per side for embossing, foiling or UV Varnishing, or number of digits for individual numbering. We may need sight of artwork before we can confirm a quotation.

    Delivery Speed Requirement
    Please specify if you need your job despatched in a hurry to allow us to make arrangements and confirm timescales when we quote you.

    Any other special information, requests or notes

    To prevent spamming of this form, please type the characters as you see them, into the box below.

    *We may have to quote on our closest available quantity but may be able to offer you an in-between price on your specific requirement - it can't hurt to ask!

    Please note there are some limitations on products, for example minimum weight of paper which can be laminated. We'll inform you of any issues and your closest similar option in such cases.

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    Choosing Your Leaflets

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