4. Order Your Print

OK, if you’ve checked all your options, its time to order your print. Select the most appropriate options below and you’ll be directed to the correct product page. You can then select your sizes and quantities, proceed to checkout and enter your contact details. We recommend you sign up for an account to continue to receive great deals throughout the year. At checkout, you’ll be able to add any options you missed; please don’t add the same option twice! Then you can upload your artwork to your account/order page.

Lets choose my flyers and/or posters:

Click a button below to be taken to your Flyers Packages page.

(If you want just flyers, or just posters, thats fine, you can select that option too.)

The final thing to think about is your turnaround. We offer three turnarounds; Super-Earlybird, Earlybird/Economy and Standard.

Super-Earlybird must be ordered by 21st June. The E/E Turnaround takes between 5 and 10 working days to print and represents the very best deal. Standard work is produced in 3-4 working day.

I need these pretty quick – lets take the Standard option.Its before 19 July / I am not in a rush – Order Earlybird / Economy.Its before 21 June – Order Super-Earlybird.


Wait - I need programmes too!

OK – you’ll save £20 adding your programmes now*. Use the code CVENPROG20 to get your £20 off programmes.

Click here or on the button below to go to the C venues Programmes page. Choose the option you want, and add it to your Cart. When you are finished, click in the right sidebar or come back to this page, to go to the Leaflets or Flyers packages and add those to your cart. Then check your options, you’ll get another chance to tell us about anything you missed; then after payment you can upload your files straight to your Cart.

Take me to the Programmes Order page.

*T&C for £20 programme discount; this is only valid if you have ordered a package at the same time. Minimum order value, including both programmes and package, is £150 for this coupon to work. You don’t have to upload the programme artwork at the same time as the flyer/poster artwork.

Wait - I want other items too!

If you’re looking for business cards, neon posters, beermats or any other kind of promotional item, you can order these through our Print A to Z list and add them to your Cart.

The button below will take you to the list in a new window. When you are finished adding items to your Cart, close the window to come back to this one and finalise your print order.

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