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All other questions about print and design supply from SBDW are available here.

General Print Questions

My code isn't working!

Please note the codes to get free shipping on our site are not the same as the approval code given to you by C venues. This is the code to show your artwork is approved for print – to get free shipping on our site you should use CVENFREESHIP at checkout.

Do I have to supply all my artwork immediately?

No – by using our order system, all your details are held with your jobs. You’ll be able to upload artwork directly after the order, but if for example, you want to do your programmes later on, you can upload them later too. They’ll take the same time to deliver as your originally ordered turnaround. So for an Earlybird turnaround it will take 5-7 working days after supply.

Whats the latest date I can order?

If you want your print by August the 5th, the start of the Fringe, then you can order on our Standard turnaround right up to the 31st July. The work would then take 3-4 working days to produce, so would despatch either the 3rd for arrival the 4th, or the 5th would be the very latest date you would receive your goods.

Its generally advised to have your goods delivered to C venues by period starting 25th July*. Deadlines to achieve this are:

Super-Earlybird: 8th July 2016

Earlybird/Economy: 15th July 2016

Standard: 19th July 2016

Same-day: 8am 22nd July

*Delivery is not guaranteed for the day of 25th July but as long as you hit these deadlines, it should be fine. Non-guaranteed turnarounds simply arrive in the week commencing 25th.

I want my flyers split across several designs

If you want to order for example, 4 sets of 1250 flyers, you cannot order 5,000 flyers and supply 4 separate designs. Each flyer takes up one space on the printed sheet, so 4 sets will take up 4 spaces on a run of 8 x 1250 flyers, whereas 1 set of 5000 would take up 1 single space on a run of 8 x 5000 flyers.

We offer what is called a Simultaneous Order discount. For each item above 2 individual items in your Shopping Cart, you’ll be automatically discounted £10 per item. So if you add 4 sets of 1250 (it would actually have to be 4 x 1500) to your shopping cart, they will receive a 4 x £10 discount, £40 total.

This reflects reductions in shipping and processing costs.

Please note this discount does not include items which are already available at a discount, for example when ordering programmes which are already discounted with a coupon,  you will not receive this discount. 

Can I have a proof?

We can offer three types of proof; online or two kinds of hardcopy – colour-accurate, and digital. Due to the somewhat labour-intensive process involved in hardcopies, we charge £7.50 for online or £15 for a hardcopy digital, and more for a colour-accurate proof; this covers any single items such as flyers or posters.

A proof for a brochure is completely possible, lets deal with that later along with colour-accurate proofing.

These charges include our Artwork Helper package which will include adjustment of any bleeds, correction of sizes, etc – basically, to make your file 100% print ready if you are uncertain.

Digital Hardcopy Proof

If you feel like you would like a digital hardcopy proof, we’d ask you to consider the following. This process will delay your order, as it will take us 1-2 working days to send to you, then there is post time, and of course your artwork can’t go to print until you approve the proofs. Secondly, the process will not be completely colour-accurate; as our printing process is lithographic, this involves the creation of printing plates which is a one-off and costly process. So any proof will be digitally printed and therefore cannot be held colour-accurate.

Therefore, there is nothing that can be seen on a digital hardcopy, that can’t be seen on screen. This to our mind makes them somewhat redundant, but your mileage may vary, and so the choice is yours. If you feel that the benefits don’t outweigh the costs, we’d recommend an online proof.

You can add a hardcopy proof to your Cart now by clicking this link.

Online Proof

An online proof is an emailed PDF (or a Dropbox link to a PDF) which will show your artwork exactly as it will print. We operate a WYSIWYG system, so anything you send to us will be reproduced exactly as sent, provided you’ve followed our Artwork Guidelines.

Essentially, if you send us a PDF to X1/a (2001) spec, we would simply send you back a reduced size version of this. So if you’ve sent us a print-ready PDF, this may be redundant.

If, however, you’ve sent us an EPS file, an InDesign file, or a file from Word, Quark or some other format, you may want a proof to ensure that the conversion to PDF has run smoothly. So in this case, its quite useful.

If you’ve sent us a TIF or JPEG, or other “flat” or bitmap file, then making it into a PDF is a redundant process for us. Contrary to in the past, we can print from these files directly now. Again we feel there is no need to proof with these file types; this is why we suggest them to keep workflow fast.

However if you’d like an online proof, please specify this at order; you can add a proof to your cart now by clicking this link.

Colour-Accurate Proof

A colour accurate proof is the closest thing we can get to your final product. In most cases, it IS your final product; we can literally print a single version lithographically for you.

For something like this we’d recommend you Get in Touch with us directly. The best way to do this and keep it cost-effective is to print on a B0 press with several other jobs at once. To batch something like this takes approx 2 weeks or more. We can of course produce these faster, but the costs do increase.

A rough guide price for a colour accurate proof is £30-50.

Questions on Print Sizes

Print Sizes: What size should I supply my print?

Read the Artwork Guidelines here or download templates for your print (opens in a new window).

Print Sizes: What sizes can I order?

In general we list on our site the standard print sizes, known as the ISO sizes, DIN standard sizes or Lichtenberg sizes. These are (truncated) A4, A5, A6, A7. For more info on this read the Wikipedia entry.

All ISO 216, ISO 217 and ISO 269 paper sizes (except DL) have the same aspect ratio, scriptstyle 1:sqrt2. This ratio has the unique property that when cut or folded in half widthwise, the halves also have the same aspect ratio. Each ISO paper size is one half of the area of the next larger size.

We do of course offer any size you could wish, within reason.

General rule; for a flyer, leaflet or poster, the price for a custom size will be the same as the next ISO size up that it fits within.

So for example a 148.5mm square flyer will be priced the same as an A5 (148x210mm) flyer. A 297mm square poster would be priced as per an A3 (297x420mm). Of course different sizes aside from square are possible, but the principle remains the same; for example 100x120mm would come out of A6 (105 x 148mm).

Its always worth checking with us but if you are in a rush, just place your order for the next size up and put in your order notes that you want a different size and 99% of the time we will simply be able to print and supply to you.

Print Sizes: List of paper sizes

There are a few different standard sizes.

A series

All ISO 216, ISO 217, DIN and ISO 269 paper sizes (except DL) have the same aspect ratio, scriptstyle 1:sqrt2.

A-sizes or ISO Sizes (common)

A4: 210 x 297mm
A5: 148 x 210mm
A6: 105 x 148mm

Please note, we simplify the technically correct 148.5mm to 148mm for ease of reading.

A-sizes or ISO Sizes (full)

A0: A1: 594 x 840mm
A2: 420 x 594mm
A3: 297 x 420mm
A4: 210 x 297mm
A5: 148 x 210mm
A6: 105 x 148mm
A7: 74 x 105mm
A8: 52 x 74mm

Please note, we simplify the technically correct 74.5 and 52.5 for ease of reading.

B series, Crowns & Royals

B series are based around metric (mm/cm) measurements. Crowns & Royals are based around Imperial (inch) measurements.

Generally used for large format posters, the B series have a set of common names too based on their Imperial variants. Although a 20×30″ is not technically 20×30″, at such large sizes fitment is not so important and so a Double Crown may be supplied at 500×707, 500×700, 19.7×27.8″, or 20×30″ by different manufacturers.  As a general rule of thumb, for exhibition and indoor display, the metric sizes and measurements are used and for outdoor display, its more common to use Imperial measurements. Most sizes are to all intents and purposes interchangeable up to B0/4-Sheet by which time Imperial is the prevalent system.

B2 / Double Crown / 20×30

B2 is 500 x 707mm, which is 19.7 x 27.8″
A Double Crown is technically rounded up to 20 x 30″
These are interchangeable terms and sizes.

Double Royal

This is the standard poster size used on the London Underground, it is 25 x 40″.

Quad Royal

Again these are fairly Underground-specific sizes, 40 x 50″.
B1 / Quad / Quad Crown / 30×40
B1 is 707 x 1000mm, which is 27.8 x 39.4″
A Quad or Quad Crown is technically rounded up to 30 x 40″, which is 762 x 1016.
As you can see there is a 5.5cm difference here which although not appreciable, is sometimes worth being aware of.
B0 / Four Sheet
B0 is 1000 x 1414mm, which is 39.4 x 55.7″
A 4-Sheet is technically rounded up to 60×40″ which is 1016 x 1524mm.
As you can see there is now a 11cm difference in size. This although appreciable, is in fact immaterial as by this size, Imperial measurements take over as the standard for the industry. Most boards, displays, display areas, mounting points and even the paper sizes themselves have a degree of tolerance built in.

C series – Envelopes

There’s no detail to go into with the C series as its predominantly used for envelopes. An A4 sheet fits nicely into a C4 envelope and the sizes are very common for envelopes so there is little room for error.

Here’s some basic sizes if you want to doublecheck. Of course to complicate things we offer envelopes in square sizes and several other special build sizes; it depends if its a colour or special envelope whats out there. Best to visit our Envelopes section for more.

C3: 324 x 458mm
C4: 229 x 324mm
C5: 162 x 229mm
C6: 114 x 162mm

You can find out more about paper sizes and the history and reasoning behind them on the Wikipedia entry.


Questions on Environmental Issues

Environmental: Is your print environmentally friendly?

All our print is produced on paper from fully sustainable forests using environmentally friendly print processes, and our couriers are climate neutral. This includes use of soy-based inks, CTP technology eradicating non-recyclable films and chemical etching and recycled aluminium in our plates.

Recycled and specialist papers, while no better for the environment than sustainable papers, are available on request.

Environmental: Can we put the FSC logo on our print?

The short answer is no. The long answer is yes, of course, but not at the price structure we offer. To put an FSC logo on print without contravening the guidelines (something we would not consider as it would prejudice our future ability to trade) you MUST go through an external check by FSC, on a job-by-job basis, to confirm with the ISO standards to which we work and those of FSC.

Each printer is allocated an FSC logo. One cannot hand out one’s FSC logo to a third party. Therefore to bring a job to print with an FSC logo, we would have to place a dummy version on your working proofs, then have it replaced with live art in the factory, this would then have to go through an internal CSR check, then to an external FSC check before use.

Despite this being a fairly fast process, when most of our jobs contain 8, 16 or even 32 pieces of separate client artwork and are printed, boxed and despatched within as little as 4 hours, we cannot stop to do this, not to mention it would breach our confidentiality which sadly we cannot do.

If you wish to use the logo we would be able to do this as a separate matter but because the job would have to go solo, you’d be looking at roughly a 300% price hike. Doing multiple pieces of work together, for example a business startup package with more than 15,000 printed leaves, would allow us to do this at a reasonable cost per unit, but not ordering ad hoc.

Questions on Turnarounds & Delivery

What turnarounds are available?

For C venues packages, we offer several turnarounds:

Super-Earlybird – to keep costs low, if you order well in advance (on or before 8th July), our Super-Earlybird turnaround provides you with the lowest rates in the UK. Work takes between 3 and 10 working days so its delivered as soon as possible to you. You need to ensure you deliver to a business address open between 9 and 5 weekdays; alternatively we can deliver to your home and if you are not in you may need to request a redelivery. We will send consignment updates when we have them. You can also request your Super-Earlybird jobs be sent to C venues on or shortly after July 25th when they open, free of charge.

Earlybird / Economy – For all orders that aren’t last minute we offer our Earlybird / Economy rate. For delivery to C venues from the time they open on the 25th, your order should be placed by the 15th July. Orders placed after this date will take 5-7 working days to produce.

Standard – if you need your work faster, or have left things a bit later, our Standard turnaround takes between 2 and 4 working days. Generally work is despatched within 3 working days.

Same-day – this refers to same-day despatch* – order by 10am and get your goods tomorrow.

Immediate – this refers to same day supply* – order by 10am and get your goods today.

*Note that all turnarounds are quoted for the print time; this is followed by an overnight delivery.

Can you tell me exactly when I'll get my goods?

Of course. When your goods are ready for despatch, you’ll get a mail telling you; i.e. the day or even night before, you’ll be mailed to say your goods are en route for the following business day

If we are able to provide the consignment details, we’ll do so. During busy time we may be unable to pass this info on quickly, we may have manifested multiple jobs which won’t get individual consignments until they reach the main depot (approx 2am).

At this point the availability of further info depends on the service you’ve ordered; on a Super-Earlybird or Earlybird/Economy turnaround, the turnaround is somewhat variable to keep costs down so we can’t expand it further than this. You may decide to have your goods delivered to C venues from the 27th in which case they’ll be delivered within 1-2 days of C opening.

On a Same-day turnaround the goods are guaranteed to arrive the following day; however, we cannot give a specific time for the couriers. They won’t give us one; excepting DPD, who do not give the information until about 10-11am on the day of delivery. If we have time, we’ll pass this on but its not included in the contract.